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Cammy LaFleur Outreach Program provides harm reduction supplies, helps to enhance health and increases safety for those who are homeless and/or use substances. CATIE strengthens Canada’s response to HIV and hepatitis C by bridging research and practice by providing the latest science, and promoting good practices for prevention and treatment programs.DanceSafe is a public health organization promoting health and safety within the nightlife and electronic music community.Drug checking in the region.Friendship Centre helps Indigenous and non-Indigenous people looking for support.Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act can protect individuals who seek help during an overdose from simple drug possession charges.Hope Outreach helps out people who are exploited.Options for Sexual Health provides education around the importance of sexual health.Pivot Legal fights for dignity, justice and human rights.QMUNITY works to improve queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives.Salvation Army provides food to the community, as well as counselling.Self-Management BC provides information on self-management for chronic health conditions.Stop Overdose BC provides information about substance use and overdoses, and it also provides information about how to challenge the stigma around substance use and overdoses.The People Place houses many of Vernon’s most important social service agencies including Family Resource Centre, Canadian Mental Health Association, Independent Living, and Canada Cancer Society.Toward the Heart provides information about recognizing an opioid overdose and responding using naloxone, and also proving online naloxone training.Turning Points Collaborative helps people with financial difficulties and housing needs.Upper Room Mission is a good place to eat and find other information about homelessness. Staff there are kind and friendly and willing to support you in your time of need.Vernon Homeless Outreach Team helps the less fortunate members of our community. 

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